Fresh Talks 1-6-17



I. New App Helps Prevent Food Waste



The FoodKeeper app was developed in mind to help with food storage tips and to prevent waste of fruits and vegetables. Produce waste not only a waste of money and resources, but it also is harmful to the ozone layer. Methane gas is produce from massive food waste and can be detrimental to the earth’s atmosphere. The FoodKeeper app also offers helpful cooking tips for poultry, meat, and fish, to educate and prevent foodborne illnesses.


II. Comparison of U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends




Research has shown that More shoppers purchase Private Brands when shopping the fresh‐perimeter. The top five categories of regularly purchased Private Brands include: Fresh produce (65%), Milk, or non‐dairy substitutes (62%), Fresh bakery items (61%), Fresh meats and seafood (60%), Packaged/canned foods & Refrigerated dairy foods (58%).

Millennials have taken over the digital grocery world in two ways:

-There is a 15% use in online‐only retailers for groceries among Millennials.

-73% of Millennials have shown to plan, shop for, enjoy and share food experiences through social networking.

Our advice to retailers is focus on providing ways to communicate with shoppers and enhancing the shopping experience in a fast and frustration-free way.




III. Farmers Play Important Role in Building Consumer Trust



Image and perception is everything when it comes to marketing in the produce industry. At the conclusion of the Farmers at the Table Conference a few weeks ago, nearly 200 delegates determined that GMOs, antibiotics, and animal welfare were the three biggest concerns facing consumers today. The farmers’ goals for 2017 include making necessary improvements to help build up the trust among consumers, and marketing their products to their target audiences in an honest and positive light so there is understanding among all consumers exactly what modern farming entails, and what it doesn’t. 




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