Fresh Talks 12-15-16

I. Instagram Live Video



Instagram is once again staying at the top of trends for social media networks. Most recently, the app has now launched a Live Video feature to go along with its latest Instagram stories debut. When you decide to go Live your profile picture will have a “Live” stamp over it and anyone can join in and get an inside look at what you’d like to share at that time. For produce companies this feature is incredible advertisement because the profiles that decide to go live are automatically placed on the “explore” feed of Instagram giving you the opportunity to access to millions of users. You can see when users have joined in on watching your live feed, and you can also interact with each other in the comments section.



II. Snapchat new feature includes group chat and Shazam




Snapchat recently launched a new update to where you can add groups of friends on your friends list to send mass snaps to. This saves time and energy rather than scrolling through an entire list of friends when you only would like to send your snaps to a select group of friends. This is great feature for produce companies utilizing snapchat because of the time saving ability. This would be useful for grouping entire friends lists (max 16 per group) and send out snapchats that are more retail-focused, like snapping the latest produce sale at a specific grocery store chain. There’s also a new “scissors” tool that lets you create “stickers” out of anything you take a photo of and automatically saves with your bitmojis and stickers. Lastly, Snapchat users can now identify a song playing nearby by pressing and holding the screen in camera mode and wait for a Shazam icon to appear. These songs are instantly saved and settings can be updated in the Snapchat app.




III. Twitter adds support for videos in direct messages



Twitter has unveiled a useful update that its users can now take advantage of, sending videos in direct messages. Maybe your company received a tweet from a follower who wants to know more about your greenhouses in Georgia, or the packaging process in your plant in North Carolina. Since pictures speak a 1,000 words, send them a direct message with a video capturing what you’re wanting to explain, rather than condensing your message to 160 characters. This will set you apart from the other companies–and if you’re lucky, that follower who received the message may even post on their own social media and become an influencer for your brand.





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