Fresh Talks 2-10-17

This week is all about recapping the Cinderella story comeback of the Superbowl, but we can’t forget about those awesome Superbowl ads! Here’s the Fresh Talks top 5 countdown of unforgettable ads for 2017:


#5 Mercedes-Benz – The “Born to Be Wild” theme of the AMG GTC Mercedes-Benz ad was definitely not the “norm” for the luxury brand, but it kept us on our toes, making it the #5 top commercial for Superbowl LI.

#4 Bai – Eight words: It ain’t no lie, baby, bai bai bai.

#3 Avocados from Mexico —This hilarious spoof on the “secrets” behind the healthful fats of avocados is marketing gold.

#2 Wonderful Pistachios —What’s the best way to keep up those new year’s resolutions? Just take some solid advice from Ernie the Elephant and Wonderful Pistachios.

#1 Land O’ Lakes —This beautiful commercial describing the hard work and dedication of a farmer is one that will not easily be forgotten. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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