Fresh Talks 10-19-16



ICYMI: 1.06 Topics:
  • I. How Octoly Generated $8.6 Million in Earned Media Value
  • II. What to Do in your First 15 Minutes of Internet Fame
  • III. How to Make your Instagram Impressive
Let’s get started!
I. How Octoly Generated $8.6 Million:

Octoly is a marketplace for “micro-influencers” who are not under the sway of a brand sponsorship. Users choose products from their favorite brands and post authentic reviews of these products so there is no discrepancy of paid endorsements. Founder and CEO of Octoly, Thomas, Owadenko states that “Authenticity is the key to influencer marketing success with their audience. Remember that traditional advertising is proving much less effective with younger consumers.”



What this means for you: Google recently announced its acquisition of Famebit and is a product review site similar to Octoly. It would be great to see how Google could incorporate the fruit and veggie industry with these same product reviews.



II. What to Do in your First 15 Minutes of Internet Fame

Mashable, a media platform and digital news website, suggests that we take the following steps if we happen to strike sudden internet fame:

  1. 1. Check and delete any old tweets.. these could come back to bite you
  2. 2. Make Facebook and Instagram pages private (personal accounts of course).
  3. 3. Create a new Reddit account, or, if you haven’t created on yet, you can do so here



What this means for you:  This is just a fun little reminder to separate business from personal life on social media accounts. Overlapping the two categories can cause a misleading brand strategy, which can result in decreased followers and engagement from potential clients.


III. How to Make your Instagram Account Impressive

An article from states that Instagram has over 500 million monthly users, but in order to gain followers that engage with our products isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Writer, Nathan Chan, gives the following advice for those who want to make their Instagram accounts catalyze overnight.

  1. 1. Post on Instagram 1 to 3 times per day. Homepolish has mastered this art and is gaining nearly 2,000 followers daily and posts only twice per day. 
  2. 2. Understand the Insta-Algorithm. Your newsfeed is now designed to feature your most engaging accounts at the top of your newsfeed. The solution to increasing engagement and becoming more predominant among followers is to post high-quality media. Chan gives examples of this HQ media such as: behind-the-scenes photos, videos, contests and giveaways, re-grams, inspiring stories from customers, etc. 
  3. 3. Think carefully about your captions! Captions can dramatically decide the engagement rate for media posts, and spending a little extra time to think of something witty can make all the difference. Prompting questions are almost a surefire way to gain impressions and engagements. 




What this means for you: If you don’t already have a social media posting schedule already you should really invest the time into making one. An organized social media plan is directly related to the digital marketing success of most companies today. Make an effort to schedule at least one customer’s story to your Instagram account and keep in mind proper hashtag use and tagging. 



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