Fresh Talks 10-26-16



ICYMI: 1.07 Topics:
  • I. 5 Snapchat Hacks for Small Businesses 
  • II. 8 Ways to Get Likes and Followers on Instagram
  • III. Facebook Food Ordering 
Let’s get started!
I. 5 Snapchat Hacks for Small Businesses:


To support your social media marketing strategy, you should consider using snapchat. For example, Taco Bell scored 224 million views on Valentines day and National Taco Day! Use these tips from to help improve your snapchat game plan:


1. Act natural! Snapchat is encouraging brands and people to be themselves, and to go behind the scenes of their everyday routines. Engage with your snapchat friends, find ways to ask questions or tell a story and encourage your followers to snap you back. 

2. Offer exclusive promotions. For example, post a story of how you’re making that tasty chili recipe before you post the picture on Instagram to let your followers feel like they are more involved in the process.

3. Buy sponsored Geofilters.  On-Demand Geofilters offers reasonably priced and effective Geofilters that can help with marketing for small businesses and grocery stores. Be sure to promote the Geofilter through small prizes and incentives so that it is used effectively.

4. Microinfluencers. Allow well-known individuals from your industry “take over” your snapchat account for an hour or two and let your followers see a different perspective than your typical snap story.

5. Cross-promote. Cross promote your channel on different social media outlets. You can even download a scannable snap code here where snapchat users can add you instantly.


II. 8 Ways to Get Likes and Followers on Instagram


Hootsuite, a media scheduling app, suggests that we take the following steps to help boost followers and engagement numbers: 


  1. 1. Have a central theme.
  2. 2. Post awesome content. 
  3. 3. Tell a story with your caption.
  4. 4. Stick to a schedule. 
  5. 5. Engage with followers.
  6. 6. Hashtags..but not too many. 
  7. 7. Branded hashtags. 
  8. 8. Use the Explore tool. 

III. Facebook Food Ordering

Facebook has now partnered with sites like and allows you to place food orders through a restaurant’s Facebook page. Slice provides a tracking service while you patiently wait on your lunch delivery! Facebook also launched a recommendation feature that suggests local places to eat with top reviews.




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