Fresh Talks 9-23-16



ICYMI: 1.03 Topics:
  • I. Twisted
  • II. Twitter’s Live Streaming App
  • III. Instagram Drafts
  • IV. LinkedIn Desktop Experience
Let’s get started!
I. Twisted: 

Twisted is a video recipe platform that displays fast forwarded videos with on screen text only and soft background song within a couple minutes. Perfect for debuting new recipes and showcasing a specific product. Oreo is bringing it’s newest flavors to life with live video and a seven-week digital video campaign with recipes all under 250 calories. 13062012_1070095233029672_5134548841898504053_n.png

What this means for you:  Perfect app for showcasing new products and recipes.









II. Twitter Reveals Live Streaming App:

Twitter announces its live streaming app that will start streaming NFL football games in order to increase it’s user following. Browse--Prebroadcast.0.pngWhat this means for you:  Live video streaming can be used to incorporate a new produce product launch, or a meet-and-greet tour of greenhouse facilities.











III. Instagram Drafts:

Instagram established a new feature that is aimed at people “trying to create a post that’s just right.” By creating a llowing users to add and change effects, filters, locations, and captions before upinsta-draftsloading it to your posts. 

What this means for you:  Perfect for social media managers who are trying to add a queue of posts in advance for timed scheduling. 








IV. New LinkedIn Desktop Experience: 

The new desktop platform for LinkedIn is optimized for mobile use and provides a more concise and sophisticated view. With bold new colors li home feed.pngand innovative notification alerts, this desktop experience is truly top notch.

What this means for you:  Utilize the new webpage mobile setup for optimizing LinkedIn ad campaigns that will appeal to your consumers weather on a desktop or mobile phone. 




















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