Fresh Talks 10-9-16




ICYMI: 1.05 Topics:
  • I. The Giphy Cam
  • II. How to Hide your “Seen” Notifications
  • III. Revolutionary “Events from Facebook” App
Let’s get started!
I. The Giphy Cam:


The new Giphy Cam app is revolutionizing the world of GIFS and Memes alike. You can now capture real time video footage and add stickers or customizable GIFS to your video clip. Similar to the popular “Pokemon GO” app, this application is allowing its users to get out and explore their surrounding while adding in their own creative twist. You can now download the app for iOS here.



What this means for you:  Produce companies can use the Giphy Cam to promote healthy eating choices or creating a fruits and veggies video “challenge” to promote overall consumer wellness and brand acknowledgement. 


II. How to Hide your “Seen” Notifications


Either you read a message and forgot to respond — or you just didn’t want to. Attempting to respond to all social media comments or messages can be a bit pressing. Lucky for you, Digital Trends has mastered the art of dividing and conquering the muted read receipt lifestyle. If you are a Google Chrome user, the Unseen app is an add-on that installs to your browser to prevent Facebook from sending out read receipts. For iOS and iMessages on any iPhone, simply go to your “Settings” > “Messages” > and toggle the “Send Read Receipts” button off.  


What this means for you:  Don’t have enough time to respond to all your incoming page messages? This is a great tool to reduce the pressure on your end. If you sometimes forget to respond to a message, or you need to confirm your response with another co-worker, turning off read recipes may be your best bet with keeping fans and customers 100% satisfied. 


III. Revolutionary “Events from Facebook” App


Facebook has launched its newest app for iOS that is available for download today called “Events from Facebook.” This creative application allows Facebook users to explore events that are happening in their area and add them directly to the app’s very own calendar. You can explore and see where your friends are headed to, or sync your personal calendar to the app to have a side-by-side viewing experience of work and play. The app is available for download for iOS users today, and will soon launch to the android market.    



What this means for you:  This application is perfect for brand growth in the produce industry. By viewing the events where your friends and followers are attending, you can better grasp your marketing audience and the type of events you should also be attending. You can also send professional brand ambassadors with samples and promotional materials to these events to help promote your product in venues that your target audience enjoys.



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