Fresh Talks 9-11-16





ICYMI: 1.01 Topics:


  • I. Instagram Zoom
  • II. Why Followers Unfollow Brands
  • III. Insta Communities
  • IV. Facebook Ads Update
  • V. Pinterest Ads Update


Let’s get started!



I. Insta Zoom: 


As of September 1st 2016, you can now “pinch” and grab pictures on Instagram to Zoom in. Zoom is currently functioning on IOS platforms and will be available to Android devices in the upcoming weeks. 

57106138.jpgWhat this means for you: Noosa Yoghurt is using this update in a clever way to engage with their followers and asking viewers to “Zoom In” to see what their cows are saying.







II. Why Followers Unfollow:


46% of active social media responders say that posting too many promotional messages is a sure way to get unfollowed. Keeping open and authentic communication is a major key in maintaining and growing social media accounts.
What this means for you:
 Strategically scheduling content that your fans and followers can relate to and engage with is going to go over A LOT better than posting a “buy this now” message 5 times a day. 



III. Instagram Communities:


Insta-Communities focus on movements and brand-advocated causes. Interacting with every user in the Insta world, and not solely marketing to followers is the foundation of these digital communities. “..BRANDS NEED TO ENGAGE IN SOMETHING BIGGER THAN THEIR BRAND.” –EMILY KENT, CMO CONTRIBUTING WRITER 


What this means for you:  Responding to personal messages, and initiating conversations among the Produce industry spectrum, rather than focusing solely on your personal company page, is going to result in gaining interactive and long-term fans and potential customers. Consult with other produce companies and promote hashtags that will gain coverage for all companies in an Instagram newsfeed. (Ex. #EatFresh, #HealthyHabits, #VeggieFun)






IV. Facebook Ads Update: 


share_og_image.pngFor the many businesses who have yet to optimize online ads for mobile devices, you may miss out on reaching your target audience! Facebook reports that As much as 40% of website visitors abandon a site once there has been a loading delay of 3 seconds” and wants it’s mobile viewers to have an optimal lag-free experience. Facebook now offers an in-site app called Canvas for it’s “immersive experience” idea that will be exclusive to Facebook Mobile Advertising. The app is currently available for use for all Facebook Business Pages with the goal of reducing website load time and increased functionality. 

What this means for you:  Experiment with posting Facebook Ads through the Canvas platform. If your website is one that is not fully optimized for mobile displays, then talk to your website guru ASAP and make this change! 



V. Pinterest Ads Update:

pinteresttargetingupdateaugust2016teaserPinterest has announced it’s debut of engagement retargeting, peaked improvements in visitor retargeting and renamed it’s latest analytic update to “actalikes”. The changed stemmed from Pinterest research showing that pinners are“2.2 times more likely to make a purchase in the next 30 days than those who don’t engage”, and rather than “looking alike” pinners with common interests are “acting alike”. Pinterest reported the change is expected to debut across all users dashboards “soon”.

What this means for you:  New vocab terms to learn for Quarterly reports, and increased number of posts that are promoted to your followers. Woo!









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