Fresh Talks 9-14-16



ICYMI: 1.02 Topics:
  • I. Instagram Trolls
  • II. Facebook Lookalike Auidences
  • III. Snapchat Ad Targeting
  • IV. Twitter Characters
Let’s get started!
I. Instagram Trolls: 


Instagram now lets you filter inappropriate comments from social media bullies and hides this abusive content from you and the Image result for social media trollspublic! What this means for you: To block inappropriate followers and posts, you need to activate the feature in your Instagram settings. Toggle the “hide inappropriate comments” feature, which will automatically start filtering posts based on Instagram’s standard list of keywords, along with any additional custom keywords you would like to include, or exclude.







II. Facebook Lookalike Audiences:


Facebook has extended it’s lookalike audiences feature globally. Meaning, companies can upload a list of their current email database and it helps you target your ads internationally in reference to the audiephoto-1414438992182-69e404046f80.jpgnce that you currently promote to.

What this means for you: In order to use this feature, you’ll need to upload a list of current emails that you have in your database, and then you can target international consumers in a specific region or worldwide based on your list. 







III. Snapchat Ad Targeting:


Snapchat is launching three new ad targeting campaigns for marketers to help better reach their target audience. These campaigns, known as Snap Audience Match, Snapchat Lifestyle Categories, and Lookalikes will all be in action this month and allows brands to direct ads to people based on an individuals characteristics and likes.

What this means for you:  Snapchat is an innovative and widely-used social media app that has always had a great audience, yet lacked in targeting. Early test campaigns ran with eBay have shown that consumers are watching more ads “in their entirety thanks to the targeting” —Sarah Hofstetter, Chief Executive at the agency 360i.






IV. Twitter Characters: 


Beginning September 19th, Twitter is reconfiguring what it “counts” in the 140-character limit. Media attachments (images, GIFs, videos, polls,) along with quoted tweets will no longer reduce the character count in a post. Also, Twitter usernames will no longer be “counted” twitter140-800x420.jpgwhen responding to a tweet.

What this means for you:  More media-rich content that can be posted and not reduce the quality of the content in a post. GIFs are a great way to display in-season produce, and short audio-less videos are the latest and greatest way to display innovative recipes.



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