Fresh Talks 9-30-16



ICYMI: 1.04 Topics:
  • I. Snap and Spectacles
  • II. Improve Your Pinterest Strategy
  • III. Using Instagram to Drive Sales
Let’s get started!
I. Snap and Spectacles: 

A picture is worth a thousand words, but how many words are worth a video clip recorded through your own eyes?Snapchat has announced it’s shortening it’s name to “Snap” and the debut of their new Spectacles. These futuristic sun glasses will allow snappers to record video for up to 30 seconds that will automatically post to the Snap app.


What this means for you:  Snap stories can be much longer than 10 seconds, and this is beneficial for recording farming, greenhouses, new products, etc.  



II. Improve Your Pinterest Strategy:

Pinterest has gone above and beyond to capture the ideal marketing strategy for business owners. The “business account” feature, installing a save button, and inviting collaborators are a few of the features you should definitely utilize. Promoting pins is another way to engage your followers and attract potential customers to your page

What this means for you:  Produce companies would benefit greatly with a business account and tracking crucial analytics to increase social following and sales. 

















III. Using Instagram to Drive Sales:

Becoming a #foodie on Instagram just might be the missing link to your social media campaign. A New York restaurant has adapted this concept to their own business page and have had great resultsSpringbone-founders-1200x900.jpg

What this means for you:  Search for Instagram influencers that have 10,000+ followers and engage with them to promote your brand. Posting a high-quality picture of their review of your product will generate greater sales for business.  


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